My Thoughts on House of Cards S4


I'm hoping by now that you will have watched Season 4 of House of Cards! If not, it's probably best that you look away now!

After a cracking end to Season 3 I was really excited to see how Season 4 would kick off. What was Claire's master plan and would she be able to achieve it? I must admit I found the first episode of S4 a bit lacklustre and really hoped that this wouldn't be the end of my love for HoC. Mercifully, it picked up and we back to the usual game of tricks, bargaining and the Underwoods ruthlessly going after what they wanted.

Perhaps the most shocking and unpredicted event of the season was the attempted assassination of President Underwood by Lucas. Out of prison and living under a new identity, he can't shake off what happened to Zoe in Season 2, and his all consuming hate leads to him shooting Underwood and killing Meachum in the process.

This attempt on his life unites Frank and Claire, probably to the relief of many of us! Their relationship is now albeit a professional one, with shared love of power charging them to an even greater force, which looks like it can't be stopped. Perhaps my favourite scene of the season is when the Underwoods take to the stage at their national convention, back together, but now as political running mates in the upcoming election.

The best television dramas parallel what's happening in real life. We see a brokered party convention (likely to happen with the GOP later this year,) and the challenge of filling a Supreme Court seat in a vital election year.

The season ends with Frank declaring that 'we make the terror.' A reference to the ongoing terrorism threat and closing plot of the season, whether he carries out his promise in the next season will remain to be seen.

What were your thoughts on Season 4 of House of Cards? Share your thoughts in the comments! 
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