George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum


Top of my must visit list in Dallas was the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The 13th Presidential Library and Museum, the attraction is located on the SMU campus in the heart of the city.

The Presidential Library provides an depth look into the eight years of the Bush presidency, with many key exhibits on display. Perhaps the highlight of the Museum, and the big draw for me, was the replica of the Oval Office. Created to scale, visitors are able to sit behind the Resolute Desk, in the President's chair in front of the fireplace and generally experience what it's like to be in the most powerful room in the world!

I also loved the Texas Rose Garden which is situated just outside the Oval Office. A great view of the Dallas skyline and some beautiful plants and trees!

The exhibition into life in the White House was fascinating, and with items from Air Force One, state dinners, the Easter Egg Roll and a special section on Barney and Miss Beazley, this part of the Museum provides an intimate look inside the public and private side of the President and First Lady.

Presidential libraries providing a fascinating insight into the role of the President and the legacies left by the country's most powerful leaders. This was definitely one of the better Presidential libraries I've visited, and I'd visit again in a heartbeat!

For more photos of my trip to the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum visit my Flickr page. 
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