The Greene Door


The Greene Door
Once in awhile, I'll come across a blog that blows it out of the water. A perfect mix of fashion, food and fun, The Greene Door ticks all of my boxes.

Established by the utterly chic Catherine Greene, The Greene Door is a place for people who want to be in the know. A spirited and exciting look into Catherine's life and loves in New York, every post is more amazing than the last! I caught up with Catherine to chat about why she started blogging, what inspires her and what are her hopes for TGD's future.

Why did you start TGD? 

I had the idea to do a lifestylish blog several years ago, but work and life (oddly enough) was so busy, there just wasn't the time for it. I was always drawn to other bloggers that shared similar interests, in style, adventure, sports, theater, arts, etc. and I benefited so much from the information that they shared. I finally decided to take the leap of faith, about 8 months ago, came up with the name and then just started writing.  The references to the word green (ie. Elizabeth Arden's The Red Door, Broadway's The Green Room and The Red Carpet were inspirational innuendo - I love fashion and styling, I am a huge theater goer and I love all things pretty.)  And since green living is all the rage, I had a little fun with it being my last name.  I got lucky with branding it, though, as my surname ends with an 'e.'

How did you select which topics to write about?

I was shopping with my small niece, my running buddy and we landed at Lilly Pulitzer.  I shop and wear the brand, but my niece was not so familiar with their clothing.  When I took her into the flagship on Madison Avenue, her eyes lit up with excitement. It is a small paradise in this hard edged city, and she was so delighted to be there.  She tried on a few of the kids items, and I took some pictures of her.  The sales person asked if I was a blogger and I said no, I was just having some fun with my niece.  And then it hit me, this pretty little child was inspired by an idea that I had, experienced a new form of dress, soaked in all the colorful fun and could not wait to see the pictures of her in her new Lilly togs when we got into the taxi.  I thought it so similar to the reasons I follow certain bloggers.  And so, just like that, and still, today, I write, by chance, moment to moment, about what makes me happy, what I think is a little new and different, what makes my day and work, and how I am so fortunate to reap the benefits of a living a great life in NYC. So I think the topics, like the occasion, just happen.  And then I take a few pictures, get inspired and share.  It is a random presentation, but people seem to like it.

What’s the best thing about blogging?

Aside from being able to get out of my head for a bit, I like the platform very much. There are no demands, or speculation or deadlines.  And, it's not necessary to get attention or to necessarily know who is reading about what I am writing about.  That is a lot of fun, once you let it go, it takes on wings.  People have begun calling and emailing me like crazy about new items they have purchased, events they have gone to, art they have become interested in, races they have run, restaurants they have tried etc- all as a result of reading The Greene Door.  How terrifically cool is that to hear that my journey is now being shared by others.  The ultimate high and I am very humbled by that.

What are your favorite types of posts to create? 

I do enjoy a tiny tale - even if it becomes composing an article about something as small as a particular piece of clothing or an event as big as attending the Papal mass.  When something (or some event) stimulates me, and the surroundings are beautiful, and I think others would enjoy them as much as I do, it becomes less about creation than translation.

What does your ideal NYC weekend look like?

Well I live in town and at the shore, so any weekend will be that much more different, even though it all happens in the same city.  I love a great morning run, along the ocean or across the Brooklyn Bridge, then a brunch date, or a boat ride, matinee or a cultural visit or shopping, and, of course, a great dinner.  I am afforded the luxury of weekend bliss just by living in New York.  There is never enough time to do it all, so I just take it as it presents itself.  (I will say that I don't waste my weekends, ever, on chores!) That seems such a waste, when the days and nights can be so full of life, so magical.  The glorious part of down time in New York is that it is always available and I do try to make the most of it.

What advice can you offer to those thinking of starting a lifestyle blog? 

I know that it has helped me to just write about what I like, what makes me happy.  Everyone's lifestyle is different - in any form, any city any culture.  Those differences are what make for a great read, and they are the very reason that I admire so many different types of blogs, websites, online magazines.  It is wonderful to be transformed, inspired and educated - whatever the platform.  My advice to a anyone that may be interested in sharing - creating a blog is to be generous.  Don't hold back.  Don't be intimidated by naysayers, furled foreheads, negative comments, opinions or analytics. Life is in the living and everyone's life is full of meaning.  I am so fortunate to have a great career that has afforded me much success, and  since I started writing The Greene Door, (and entered into a new online sphere)  I realize the importance of being true to my own mission statement. Honesty in any form, enhanced by a fervor for living a wonderful life, and the willingness to share daily (that can be tough, for sure) is a recipe for success.  And the best part is that it is unimportant if anyone gets any joy out of it, as long as you do.

Which bloggers/sites do you admire? 

I have followed Ariana Huffington, well, forever, it seems.  I was taken on her amazing journey, and committed to reading her thoughts daily.  I continue to read The Huffington Post daily. On a smaller scale, I like Cupcakes & Cashmere and Classy Girls Wear Peals for big fashion blitz and preppy sophistication, in that order.  I also like Design Darling, Summer Wind, College Prep and Corals & Cognac.  I could go on and on, but in being true to the bloggers that kept me interested, kept me coming back and kept me informed, I think that list says it all.  I do read a ton of Broadway blogs, and retailers blogs and restaurant blogs - however, in no particular order.  I think it fun to pay respect to the sites that really are the reason that The Greene Door has gotten any attention at all. These business women, these entrepreneurs also seem to share my core values and are dedicated to writing positive pieces that are classic, fresh and fun.

What are your plans for TGD?

I think since I have opened The Greene Door, and have had a few people take a peek inside, I will just embrace these moments of grace and wait and see what is in store.  Truthfully, I never expected to have as much fun, in life, as I am having today.  Who knows, maybe one day, another woman may be given the good fortune to be interviewed about her work and would include The Greene Door in their list of websites that inspire. Yes, that would be wonderful.

The Greene Door
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