My Top 5 Political Dramas


With a background of working in politics, I always find myself drawn to political dramas – fact and fiction! Even if I find myself needing to distress, I still reach for the nearest political DVD I can find

So which are in my top 5?

The West Wing: Forever a classic, the West Wing played an early role in my interest in politics. The issues, solutions, personalities and morals ring true for political arenas around the world, and I return to favourite episodes of the series for when I need a political pick-me-up. Season Two’s ‘Two Cathedrals’ will forever be my favourite.

Madam Secretary: Starring Tea Leoni, this drama follows Elizabeth McCord's role as Secretary of State. Dealing with a coup in Iran, crises at home and a change in family life, this is one of my absolute favourites. Plus McCord's wardrobe is proper A-game.

Commander in Chief: Cancelled after eighteen episodes, Commander in Chief starred Geena Davis as the first female American President. Fiesty and controversial, Davis played President Mackenzie Allen, and Independent who becomes Commander in Chief following the death of the former President. There was speculation that the series would be made into a movie, but unfortunately this never transpired.

Scandal: Perhaps one of the most addictive dramas on TV, Scandal follows main character Olivia Pope as she fixes Washington’s problems- oh and is in a relationship with the married President of the United States. The sizzling episodes provide an exciting and gripping distraction from everyday!

House of Cards: No list would be complete with House of Cards. House of Cards is the American remake of the classic original British drama. With the amazing Kevin Spacey playing the shady, divisive and downright scary House Majority Whip turned President, this is one gripping series. Season 4 is currently in production.

What are your favourite political dramas? Comment below!

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