Track with Tile


If like me, you're prone to losing things, then Tile is for you. The office keys are something which I usually misplace (the curse of changing handbags) and there is always a mad panic when I need to be out the door, but the keys are nowhere to be found!

Tile is perfect for this situation. Tile is building the largest community of people united in helping each other find their most important things. Tile is made up of three core components- a physical Tile, an app and the community.

Simply attach your Tile to your most important item that you don't want to lose, and download the app to sync. Tile is a Bluetooth Low Energy device, and if you are not in the range of Bluetooth when searching for your item, Tile uses the connection of neighbouring iPhones running the app to cast a wider search net. Pretty awesome!

Find out more about Tile below! You can also have fun by looking at the #TiledIt hashtag on all the social media platforms.

Thanks to Tile for sending me a device to test. All opinions are my own.

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