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I love to travel! Next week I'm returning to the States and to my two favourite cities- Washington DC and New York!

I have a routine now when it comes to preparing and actually setting off on the journey. When I start to get my washbag ready, that signifies that the holiday has begun! #Superorganized.

I must admit that I don't find packing fun, but using those mesh type pods are a gift from heaven when I start to sort out what clothes I need to take. They save so much room in the case and you can really pack lots in!

I always put shoes at the bottom, and try not to take more than three pairs (one of which I'll be wearing.) I also use lots of Zip Lock bags for my toiletries and make-up, and I always pack a roll of tape and some bubble wrap in case I buy any fragile items during my trip!

When it comes to the journey, I print all the documents out ahead of time and place them in a clear wallet so I can see where everything is. I pack a few treats for the flight and will often buy a magazine at the airport. I'll usually buy some food at the airport to take onto the plane - maybe a sandwich or a salad, some juice, fruit and a little chocolate!

In my carry-on I also pack all my electrical leads and power converters, as well as a small medical kit. One thing I would recommend is buying a sensible and protective case or bag for your laptop- and something that you can also fit inside your handbag.

Following this routine helps me stay focused and keeps me excited for the fun I've planned ahead!

What tips would you recommend for travelling? Is there a particular item or method that has made your journey stress-free? Let me know in the comments! 
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