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This week, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to 24 Army veterans in recognition of their valor during major combat operations in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Each veteran honored today had already received the Distinguished Service Cross – the nation's second-highest military award – but 19 of them were previously overlooked for the Medal of Honor due to their racial or ethnic backgrounds. The ceremony follows a 12-year Pentagon review, ordered by Congress, of past discrimination in the military.

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This week, the First Lady travelled to China for a week long official visit, and the White House is encouraging young people across the US to join her. During her trip, Mrs. Obama will meet with students at the Stanford Center at Peking University, Beijing Normal School, and Chengdu No. 7 High School to discuss the power and importance of education, both in her own life and in the lives of young people in both countries. She'll also visit historical and cultural sites, from the Great Wall to the Terra Cotta Warriors.

You can participate by interacting with the following:

  • The First Lady's travel journal: Each day, the First Lady will post a daily travel blog, complete with videos and photos.
  • Podcast series: In an audio series, First Lady Michelle Obama will share some of the interesting facts about Chinese history and culture as she experiences it.
  • Ask the First Lady: In the weeks leading up to the trip, hundreds of young people submitted questions for the First Lady. During the visit, Mrs. Obama will record video responses and engage directly with young people on social media. Use the hashtag #FLOTUSinChina to discuss the trip and ask questions on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Follow on social media: You can follow along through the First Lady's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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