My thoughts on the Gilmore Girls revival


It's been a week since my first watch of the Gilmore Girls revival. Whilst I've rewatched several of my favourite scenes, I'm still pondering what I think of the series overall.

I was late to the Gilmore Girls party, but the purchase of the box set and subsequent binge watching made me a big fan. From the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, to the family tension, I saw many similarities with my own family throughout the series, and even to some extent some of the characters. It was always the cookie cutter charm of Stars Hollow that made the series a joy to watch, and I was really excited to sit down and watch the Netflix revival.

I wasn't disappointed with what we got. I loved the concept of each episode centered around a season. I think the Winter and Autumn episodes are my favourite, with the journey that we take with each character feeling fulfilled. Like many fans on social media, the way the last episode ended was slightly not what I was expecting, but in many ways, it was not a surprise. Rory has never been my favourite character in the series, but even I scratched my head in disbelief at some of the scenarios. (How can a freelance writer with no work afford to fly back and forth across the Atlantic?!)

I grew to love Lorelai and Luke even more, and loved seeing Kirk, Miss Patty and the Stars Hollow gang back in action. And Paris! That fierce scene at Chiltern is on instant replay. But perhaps my favourite character development was that of Emily.

Queen Emily
We are back with Emily after the death of her husband, Richard Gilmore. What makes her story even more poignant is that the actor, Edward Herrmann sadly passed away in real life in 2015. The pairing of Richard and Emily was one of my favourite parts of GG, and the writers continued to respect their magic in the revival. From a huge, over the top portrait, to scenes in Richard's study, Hermann's legacy and role was brilliantly respected.

Emily really comes into her own in the revival. She has to find herself after 50+ years of marriage and what it means to be 'Emily Gilmore.' She finds a maid that she actually likes, dejunks her closet (and wears ripped jeans and a tee in the process!) and moves to a beachfront house in Martha's Vineyard. The best scene? When she confronts the DAR ladies in 'Fall.'

The Gilmore Girls revival is definitely worth a watch and I know I'll be revisiting it several times. The old charm remains, and our return to Stars Hollow is like meeting up with an old friend. It's warm, comforting and full of fun. Netflix, please give us a second revival series!

Theresa May x Mirta Bijoux


Theresa May knows how to make a statement, and when it comes to fashion, the biggest of all is her Balls necklace from Mirta Bijoux.

I first saw May's Mirta necklace when she strode up Downing Street to the Cameron Administrations's first cabinet meeting after Brexit. Paired perfectly with an Amanda Wakeley sky blue coat and navy shift and leopard print kitten heels, May was at this point the leading contender in the Conservative party leadership race- and her confidence showed.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Theresa May wore the necklace on her first series of visits with European leaders. She wore it to greet Aung San Suu Kyi on her visit to Downing Street and the necklace was pictured in the powerful photos on the cover of her first sit down feature interview with the Sunday Times. It seems that the PM turns to this striking necklace for some of her most important duties- perhaps it is her power piece?

Mirta Bijoux was founded in 2013 on the heels of the enthusiasm, creativity and experience of Mirta Frosini who in 1998, founded Mirta Fashion Accessories.

Mirta's creations are dedicated to an audience who chooses quality and innovation. As the brand itself says, "Our accessory is the wearer: her passions, her creativity and her joy."

Based in Italy, the company creates all its products in the country, using nickel free materials and non-toxic colours. The company currently produces more than twenty jewellery lines as well as a small collection of Pochette bags.

Thanks to Theresa May, the Balls collection is Mirta's most famous line. An explosion of colour, the necklace is threaded on a strong and completely flexible elastic, with the signature Mirta M charm affixed to the back. Available in more than sixty different colours, the Balls line also features matching bracelets, earrings and rings. Theresa May sports a classic navy necklace, and we have yet to see her wear the matching items.

Big and bold necklaces certainly seem to be a passion of the Prime Minister's. From a silver oversized chain to a long black oval design, May has a sharp eye for quirky accessories. The Mirta Balls necklace is my favourite that the Prime Minister wears, and now the proud owner of one myself, I can attest that it is a great conversation starter!

Much like her shoes, Theresa May shows her personality through her carefully chosen accessories. Mirta Bijoux is one of her staples and demonstrates May's sharp sartorial eye for what works. Paired with a higher neckline and subtle shades of blue, the Mirta Bijoux necklace really is the ultimate style statement.

Mindful Beauty: How to look and feel great in every season


We all need a bit of mindfulness in this hectic holiday season. Extra Christmas shopping, food prep panic and keeping friends and family happy all takes its toll. If you need a bit of calm then I recommend checking out Estelle Lefébure's new book, Mindful Beauty.

In this book, fifty-year-old model Estelle Lefébure divulges how they really maintain their fantastic natural looks. Her positive outlook inspires, and she offers a simple, enjoyable path to well-being and looking fabulous forever. Her holistic and mindful philosophy encompasses step-by-step fitness, wellness, nutrition, and natural beauty practices for every season.

And this book isn't just relevant for the December festive season. In the springtime, invigorate dry skin with a DIY body scrub while toning-up for outdoor activities. Go green once a week with a vegetable stock detox. When summer arrives, protect skin and hair with nourishing homemade masks. A glorious Indian summer is the perfect time to think about transformations; slow down and try out her massage techniques. Once autumn settles in, focus on breathing—sip Provence-inspired infusions of sunbaked thyme to open up your airways. Each chapter offers tips for beauty, nutrition, and fitness activities as well as natural remedies and gluten-free recipes from top French chefs to guide you throughout the year. I'm looking forward to trying out the water infusions, veggie curry and sweet snowballs!

Make sure you pop a copy of Mindful Beauty into your basket whilst you're doing the Christmas shopping!

Thanks to Flammarion for sending me a copy of Mindful Beauty to check out. 

Theresa May and Paule Ka


Theresa May knows the benefit of a good, tailored piece. From a navy nipped in suit, to a subtle shift with a not so demure back zipper, sharp tailoring is a staple feature of her wardrobe.

The Parisian brand Paule Ka is helping the PM to achieve this super chic look. Created in 1987 by Serge Cajfinger, the French ready-to-wear brand takes its inspiration from the grace and elegance of 50s and 60s style icons including Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Geometric, sophisticated detailing is dominant through Paule Ka's pieces, and the brand champions the 'classic with a twist' look which May has spotlighted for many years.

One of May's most recent Paule Ka pieces was the awesome black tunic and trousers she wore to the Conservative Party Conference. Elegant in its tailoring and construction of stretch technical fabric, May took the look one step further, accessorising with a canary yellow utilitarian ottoman belt. Echoing Paule Ka's bold ethos, May chose the Charlize silver capped black suede loafers from Russell & Bromley for her first Conference new shoe debut. The edgy look did divide opinion amongst many fashionistas, but my favourite comparison was that May looked like a superhero. Saving political style one step at a time!

May debuted another new Paule Ka piece at the Conference, selecting the violet Three Tone Dress in technical ottoman and matching Spencer jacket for television appearances and keynote speech prep. It's true blue, and classically elegant thanks to the jacket's back bow detailing. Perhaps one of the PM's favourite new pieces, the outfit made a reappearance on May's recent trip to Spain and to welcome the Columbian President.

Crown Copyright

So why might May love Paule Ka? We know she understands the power of a perfectly constructed skirt or trouser suit, but she also likes to have fun with her tailoring. The black and yellow tunic might seem like an unusual choice for a world leader, but her fashion forward thinking and selection of such an item for her first big party political test demonstrates her confidence and attitude to thinking outside the box. May can carry off these bold looks, and this outfit is one of my personal favourites. The violet dress and jacket is a modern twist on the conservative skirt suit, referencing the style of 'formal' business dress, but propelling it firmly into the future.

A browse through the Paule Ka website is a real treasure trove, and there are so many fabulous pieces that I hope May has in her shopping bag. Time will tell if she wears this elegant black and blue bow satin backed dress or this appropriately festive fringed lurex coat - this fashionista's keeping her fingers crossed!

Political Style Gift Guide 2016


The holidays are here! I'm super excited to share the 2016 Political Style Gift Guide with you all. Over the past several weeks, I've been scouring the internet high and low for some of the best gift ideas for everyone on your list.

From fashion to technology, shoes to stocking stuffers, you'll find some of my favourite items from 2016- as well as some special pieces just for the holiday season!

And I haven't forgotten about you. I've teamed up with companies including Gousto, Buy A Gift and Case Station to offer some fantastic prizes! The giveaway closes on 19th December and is open to all readers.

Check out the gift guide using Issu above, or click here to view. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Happy clicking!

Berlin and Brexit: Theresa May's week


It's been a busy week for the PM. From Remembrance Sunday to Berlin, here's what Theresa May has been up too.

On Sunday, the PM laid a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall as part of the annual Remembrance Sunday commemorations.

Crown Copyright

The PM's striking hat was by Liz Felix Millinery and her shoes were past season Russell & Bromley.

Crown Copyright
On Monday, the PM opened the new HQ for Diabetes UK. Not seen since her announcement for Conservative Party leader, Theresa May wore the uber cool Blackwatch plaid pantsuit by Vivienne Westwood. She opted for a pair of black patent brogues with jewelled heel detail by Russell & Bromley.

On Monday night, May delivered the keynote speech at the Lord Mayor's Banquet at Guildhall. Wearing a long silk red gown, patent red heels and the Valorie silver lame clutch from Anya Hindmarch's S/S11 collection, this was May's glammest look by far.

Crown Copyright
Also this week, the PM met with the UN Sec General designate António Guterres. For their meeting at Downing Street she rocked a red jacket and the Issa x LK Bennett embroidered Parrot pumps. May also met with the Portuguese Prime Minister on Wednesday, wearing classic tailoring from Amanda Wakeley and the leopard Cocktail pumps from Russell & Bromley.

Crown Copyright
On Friday, the PM travelled to Berlin to take part in talks with other nations. May also held a joint press conference with Chancellor Merkel. A navy dress by Amanda Wakeley, the Edelle jacket from LK Bennett, Radford black shoulder bag from Amanda Wakeley and patent red kitten heels completed her look.

Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song


If you are a Swiftie then rejoice- this is the book for you! After ten years of global superstardom, Taylor Swift's fans have teamed up with Simon & Schuster to create a special book dedicated to why TS is such an icon.

A tribute to Swift, fans across the US collaborated to create a unique scrapbook containing everything you would want to know- and revisit about the star. Featuring a mix of interviews from publications such as Vogue, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone, the publication also spotlights the commitment of the fans and shares why they are such big admirers of Swift and her music.

There's no doubt that Swift is a mega star, and this book reinforces her place in both music and cultural history. Some of the most touching passages are how Swift helped fans through her music, whether it be providing them the strength to end an abusive relationship, or gain the confidence to think big and follow their dreams.

Even though I am a fan of Swift's music, I don't listen as regularly as her superfans! I particularly enjoyed reading the stories behind the lyrics - and the infamous 'is Taylor Swift in New Zealand?' story.

A perfect gift for any Taylor or music fan, this is a great book that you won't want to shake off! :)

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy of This Is Our Song to review. 

The Crown costumes at Liberty London


I was in London this weekend for Remembrance commemorations, but I made a quick dash to Liberty London to check out the amazing costumes from the new Netflix series, The Crown.

I watched The Crown in 3 days and loved every episode. What makes the series even more special is that a close friend worked on the series as the Protocol Advisor- it was great to see the finished result. Expect more love for The Crown in a future post, but in the meantime, here are some of the costumes which were on display at Liberty!

Before she becomes Queen, we are introduced to Elizabeth Windsor. This silk day dress ensemble is one of the earliest costumes in the series.

Now Queen, we see Claire Foy wear this spectacular ballgown and fur pairing.

Much is made of Princess Margaret as a glamorous and daring individual throughout the series. This is another stunning ballgown- complete with a sparkling tiara.

Princess Margaret's status as a fashion icon is firmly cemented thanks to this forward thinking cocktail dress. I love it! 
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